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Black/Yellow ALD/DSPS Ladder Tool Tray

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Tool tray for household ladders Maximum capacity: 10 kg Made of plastic Convenient and functional Complete with several holes for holding screwdrivers or similar tools Fitted with a hook that can be used for holding a bucket of paint etc.

New product

A ladder tool tray is a simple, yet powerful piece of equipment. Drabest UK provides strong and capacious trays for professional and household ladders, that can be easily attached to all the models in our assortment. The maximum load that can be placed on the ladder tool tray should not exceed 10 kg, which is more than enough to accommodate different types of tools or buckets of paint. Drabest's ladder tool tray goes beyond the market standards for this type of equipment. Aside from providing a stable and sturdy baseplate, we have made it even more convenient to use by adding several holes meant to hold small tools or screwdrivers. A hook placed at the front serves as a convenient place to hang buckets with paint, bags, etc.

UV protected ladder tool trays

While developing ladder tool trays, we took into consideration their final use. We have made our product even more versatile by using easy to clean materials. Plastic components included in a ladder tool tray are UV protected. The process of attaching our ladder tool tray to the ladder itself takes literally seconds. All you need to do is to align the robust tray with the attachment point on the ladder. Our whole system of tool trays fits not only free-standing ladders, but extends its use to tower ladders and scaffolding structures. Ladder tool trays have made their way to many applications and serve customers from all sorts of backgrounds. Feel free to contact our specialists for technical advice and get a product that best suits your needs.

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