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Out of many types of ladders existing at the market, step ladders became one of the most popular.  A typical ladder includes rails and rungs to support the weight of its user and to provide safety throughout its life cycle. A step ladder on the other hand comes with flat steps that replace the aforementioned rungs. Because of a single, wide platform step ladders are actually more stable and less cumbersome to use. Having numerous factors in mind, clients tend to lean towards lightweight solutions, such as aluminium ladders. When searching for cheap step ladders, please bear in mind that various solutions may pose challenges and safety concerns that need to be addressed. All reliable aluminium step ladders need to be equipped with lock mechanisms to keep the position of the ladder intact when in use. All the affordable product offered on our website come with strong push-up hooks, aimed at making step ladders safe and easy to use. Drabest is a company with a long tradition, offering numerous products to construction industry entities as well as private clients. Our cheap step ladders went through restrictive quality control procedures, therefore they are completely safe to use for different purposes. 

Although step stools still make for a popular solution for homeowners due to their compactness, it is aluminium step ladders that dominated the construction market. The cause of this remains simple to identify- our cheap step ladders serve as a universal tool, giving You a longer reach together with more secure base. Despite their bigger size, step ladders are still easy to store thanks to their foldable nature.

Drabest is a well-known manufacturer of aluminium ladders in different sizes and types. We provide necessary equipment to customers all over UK, who need reliable and lasting solutions for their businesses. Our offer serves customers from the private sector, too. By providing quality step ladders UK gains access to long-awaited equipment, where price and value remain in balance.

Cheap step ladders form Drabest- types of products in our offer

Our current production line stems from our in-depth understanding of challenges that potential clients have to face on a daily basis. In the process of manufacturing aluminium ladders we strive to create a perfect product, ready to being put through its paces in various conditions. When searching for step ladders UK has a lot to offer. Platform step ladders from Drabest come in all sorts of types, destined to make it easy to stand and work. Single-sided step ladders are one of the most common products in the construction industry. Their design serves a wide range of users, who need to carry out challenging tasks. When choosing single-sided platform step ladders, please bear in mind their technical specification detailed in the description of each product. You will there find necessary information on the measurements, strength and durability.

Cheap step ladders that become increasingly popular come in a form of double-sided products, allowing two workers to perform their duties at the same time. Double-sided aluminium step ladders from Drabest offer an opportunity to work in places where there is no wall to lean against. Their firm base creates a safe work environment and enable to reach higher places with the help of a special extension part. When using double-sided step ladders, you gain the possibility of placing them on uneven surfaces, including stairs. You can simply unfold one part to a greater extent and lock the ladder in place by using included mechanisms. The rubber parts attached to the bottom of each aluminium ladder keep the product from making uncontrollable moves on a slippery surface. Rubber foot caps reduce the slip risk to zero, resulting in a durable and safe product. For companies offering double-sided step ladder UK becomes a market with many possibilities. At Drabest we manufacture high quality platform step ladders, who gain attention from various groups of clients.

Aside from single-sided and double-sided cheap step ladders, we also provide durable warehouse aluminium ladders to customers from the warehouse industry. When shelving units become impossible to reach from the ground, aluminium step ladders equipped with wheels become indispensable. Industrial storerooms need our cheap step ladders with wide steps that provide an expected level of security when loading and unloading stored products.

Platform step ladders in UK- cheap step ladders for everybody

Our equipment for working at height becomes a new market standard for this type of product. At Drabest we are fully aware of the importance of high-quality materials used in manufacturing. Therefore, we limit our offer only to the fully functional and safe aluminium step ladders that meet EU norms for health and safety at a workplace. Each of our step ladders comes with the necessary safety certificates. We pay great attention to technical details, allowing our products to spread wings and serve an increasing amount of customers.

Platform step ladders eliminate the unsafe habits of working from the highest rungs, which possess a great threat to workers using traditional ladders. Together with our team of experienced and qualified engineers, we designed a product with a durable platform, aimed at accommodating both the worker and his basic equipment. Aluminium step ladders' platform has become a critical part of our safety measures, therefore a lot of technical effort has been put at the stage of its development. At Drabest, cheap step ladders do not allow compromises on quality. An effective production line keeps the manufacturing costs at a reasonable level, resulting in the final product being a lot cheaper than the average market price.

We find platform step ladders to be the best solutions in its class, giving You a light-weight and durable tool for all sorts of conditions. Its physical dimensions do not occupy a lot of space, thus posing no threat when using or storing in tight places. Aluminium ladders from Drabest gain a lot of positive reviews for their comfortable platform. Whenever you need to perform tasks that require long standing at one height, our step ladders give you the best possible support and reduces fatigue.

Unlike ladders that require to be leaned against the wall, aluminium step ladders are much more resistant to user errors. If unfolded and placed correctly, they remain very tight and secure.

Having all things considered, our offer for professional step ladders in UK gives You a stable and comfortable platform that remain easy to store. Cheap step ladders from Drabest have proven their uniqueness and durability in a number of fields, thus becoming one of the most popular products in UK's homes. Platform step ladders allow to reach greater heights, therefore constitute a perfect tool for the construction industry workers. The process of preparing the ladder for use takes seconds, which is a huge factor in this dynamic industry. When browsing through our website, please take time to read our technical guidelines. If you have any doubts or questions, you can call our experts for professional advice.

Step ladders - safety precautions

Along with the widespread of step ladders in various business sectors, the potential for dangerous accidents has been on the rise. There is no doubt about the versatility of step ladders, both for professional and domestic use. However, the safety precautions listed in the tool's manual are there for a reason. Users should not take them with a grain of salt. No matter if you are just changing the light bulb or painting walls in the living room - even the best aluminium ladders may pose a threat to your health if you don't use them properly. Although platform step ladders have self-supporting mechanism built in, coupled with various locks to keep them in place, it is the users's responsibility to place them correctly and refrain from exceeding their maximum load. For people working on a daily basis with step ladders UK has prepared a set of guidelines for the sake of improving safety. Getting hurt while using a step ladder can be avoided.

Firstly, it is of paramount importance not to exceed the height and weight limits of any tool. Even cheap step ladders from renowned manufacturers are rated for a certain amount of load. Aluminium step ladders are generally a lot stronger than their wooden counterparts. Nevertheless, if your body weight goes beyond the step ladders' specs, you must consider using another tool.

It is important to visually inspect a step ladder before mounting it. A brief look at the joints and lock mechanisms might lead to the discovery of early signs of damage. Hidden damage to the ladder may cause serious injury for its users in the nearest future. Cheap step ladders have been labeled particularly susceptible to tiny fractures in the material, which quickly lead to breakage. However, cheap step ladders are not all equal. When buying certified and tested products from Drabest, our clients may rest assured that their purchased items comply with all the quality standards for step ladders UK has been very strict on that during the last couple of years, due to the alarming amount of untrustworthy step ladders from China. Our aluminium ladders stand in opposition to the counterfeit products with no rating. Still, a brief inspection of the ladders is the best safety measure to ensure it is fully ready for use.

Before placing the ladder on the ground, make sure all four legs are being put on an even, dry surface. This is particularly important for aluminium ladders utilized at a construction site, which is typically full of loose materials. If necessary, clean the surface from any objects. Even the smallest pebble might cause a risky wobble on a ladder. The positioning of a step ladder plays a major safety role, too. The wider side of the platform should be parallel to the workplace. Turning or twisting is unadvisable and may lead to an abrupt fall.

By implementing these basic rules in your daily routine, you will greatly reduce the hazards related to working with platform step ladders. Drabest is a world-renowned manufacturer of aluminium step ladders in UK. We provide our clients with a vast set of features, resulting in improved safety in various circumstances.

Platform step ladders and their advantages

The benefits provided by Drabest's step ladders range from high-quality production materials to unique set of features that are sought by various groups of clients. Our aluminium step ladders are designed for professional use. Therefore, all the items coming out of the production line go straightly to quality control department and are put through their paces during thorough testing. Ladders purchased from Drabest have gained respect from private and industrial clients. They will serve you well for years to come, making step ladder a one-time investment. Platform step ladders are lightweight, yet strong at the same time. The manoeuvrability reveals itself also in terms of storage solutions. Our aluminium ladders have a slim form factor once folded, which makes it easy to store them in tight places. Setting up the ladder may be done with one hand, thus allowing the worker to carry additional parts of equipment at the same time.

Drabest step ladders have been equipped with comfortable standing platform. Its dimensions allow for safe storage of other tools, making them easily accessible without dismounting the ladder.

Last but not least, Drabest UK offers cheap step ladders with features that go beyond their price point. Purchasing step ladder from Drabest gives you the best product out there, with extended life cycle and professional features.

Cheap step ladders from Drabest is a product offer where low price meets high quality. We recommend reading our technical guidelines before using any new item. We put a great emphasis on safety procedures by educating our customers on how to use step ladders properly. Please feel free to contact our team at any time for professional advice. Experts at Drabest are keen to reply to any doubts or questions. We will help you choose a product that best suits your individual needs.