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Ladder Hoist

NEW IN! *EMAIL US TO INQUIRE ABOUT THE PRODUCT* Rope Length: 12 m Average Hoisting Speed: 10 m/min Voltage: 230V Transporting Bay with Opening Sides Transporting Bay Dimentions - Base: 760 mm x 720 mm, Sides: 230mm x 720mm Ladder Hoist Dimentions...

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The process of assembling the scaffolding is filled with dangers that need to be taken into consideration. Safety issues have to be sorted out at an early stage of the project, allowing for possible changes. At Drabest, we make sure that you get the best possible tools that can get the job done in accordance with world-renowned safety norms. Our production line strictly follows the Health and Safety Executive rules, treating them as a foundation for any future developments. Drabest is a reputable company offering safe, cheap, and lasting tower ladders, together with efficient ladder hoists that can make it easier to load heavy materials. As a manufacturer, we are deeply aware of the problems professional workers face on a daily basis. Our team of expert engineered solutions that combine great price with outstanding value. Each ladder tower from our assortment has been put through rigorous tests before reaching the client. For those working at heights, tower ladder becomes an indispensable tool, ensuring health and safety at the construction site. Our tower ladder serves various purposes and is widely used by construction companies, as well as renovation businesses. When choosing the best ladder tower, you need to make sure that it fits the desired purpose. Our experts offer superior customer service, helping you find the best possible solution in no time.

Ladder tower

We offer tower ladder made from aluminium and steel components, that have proven their ability to support great loads. Aluminium tower ladder for scaffolding has become a widespread tool in modern industry, due to its lightweight properties. Whenever there is a need for heavy-duty equipment, Drabest's steel ladder tower comes in handy. For experts performing their duties in the vicinity of electrical infrastructure, our production line delivers ladder tower made from fibreglass, which is non-conducive and bears no threat for people.

The final application remains the main decisive factor for companies seeking a reliable and cheap tower ladder. We highly encourage keeping in touch with our client support team, whose only job is to deliver a well-suited product to the particular client. At Drabest, we take pride in our attitude toward each customer. We put your needs first and make them a bedrock for recommended solutions.

Ladder hoists

Ladder hoists constitute a specialized group of products used to lift objects to higher altitudes. When using a ladder hoist, you take advantage of a well-designed moving platform that can be directly mounted to a tower ladder. Ladder hoist is indispensable for workers who perform their duties on roofs or any high places, where it would be dangerous or impossible to lift materials by hand. By including a motorized engined attached to the platform, you can diminish the potential for injury and reduce the impact of strenuous tasks on your health. Not every ladder hoist is required to have a built-in engine. Pure mechanical constructions also have their place at the market and reduce the operational costs to minimum. Our tower ladder systems have been developed through many years of gathering experience. We manufacture practical and compact tools, made from durable materials that can last forever. Great quality to price ratio is obtained by a thoughtful technological process supported by effective cooperation with our suppliers.

Ladder hoists will get you where you could not get by yourself. They can easily lift construction tools and heavy loads, keeping height safety intact.

Ladder tower safety - what do you need to know?

When it comes to using a tower ladder, one must not omit the safety precautions. The rise of ladder related injuries has become quite unsettling and revokes the discussion for additional safety measures. Even the strongest tower ladder is no toy at all. When being used by uneducated staff, it might cause serious damage to the body or even lead to death. At Drabest, we put safety first. The manufacturing process of our ladders has always been intertwined with safe technologies, that greatly reduce the possibility of falls. However, we cannot bear the responsibility for unpredictable behaviours of certain users. Drabest mission is to manufacture top-notch ladders and equip construction workers with a clear set of guidelines on how to use the product correctly.

Firstly, you must not underestimate the importance of international standards and certification. Every ladder tower worth consideration has to comply with the norm EN 1004, which relates to the construction process and safety features. Going for a lower cost with non-compliant tools puts workers' life at risk. When choosing a tower ladder listed on Drabest's website, you can rest assured that it went through deepened quality control and is fully capable of delivering the best set of features.

Please bear in mind that safe working practices must become a second nature to anybody dealing with a ladder tower. Working at great heights requires a thorough hazard inspection on site, safe procedures of erecting the ladder, as well as being cautious about every single step while mounting the tower ladder.

If you need any safety related information, feel free to contact our team of experts. Drabest is an international company offering solutions for a safe future. We put a lot of effort in educating our customers. Buying safe and durable ladders is yet another step toward an effective working strategy. We are happy to announce our new line of tower ladders, destined to meet all sorts of professional requirements. Clients purchasing a ladder tower from Drabest store gain access to a world-class technology, resulting in a long life cycle and user-friendly features.

Ladder hoists - the manufacturing process at Drabest

Parallel to our tower ladder offer, we provide our clients with professional ladder hoists made from durable aluminium and steel wire ropes. Lifting heavy items at high altitudes leaves no room for error. Ladder hoists must deal with heavy loads and serve as a self-explanatory tool, ready to be used by every worker. Having said that, ladder hoists come with their own set of hazards and challenges, concentrated around the very stage of lifting various objects. Drabest uses world-class materials for manufacturing all ladders. We know the importance of durability at a construction site. Therefore, all ladder hoists are made of strong aluminium rails coupled with a durable platform. The specs attached to every product reveal specific information on maximum load capacity that must not be exceeded. The manufacturing process at Drabest is the best example of a thoughtful technology, aimed at providing the client with the best tools for the job.

How to use a ladder hoist?

Using a ladder hoist properly is a crucial safety factor for a construction worker. Please bear in mind that ladder hoists are not build to lift people. The assembly process must follow certain guidelines stated in the manual. A ladder hoist platform must be placed first, as it provides the bedrock for any additional parts. In order to prevent possible injuries, one must refrain from operating ladder hoists under the influence of any psychoactive substances. This should go without saying, but a ladder hoist must not be utilized under unsafe weather conditions. Even the best tools manufactured at Drabest require daily check-ups at the start of every work day. Checking the moving parts of the ladder takes a few seconds, but results in a sound understanding of possible hazards. Always secure the ladder with a baseplate added to every Drabest product. Be aware that moving parts might become a serious threat to workers' limbs. Stay away from inserting hands or fingers into the joints or steel ropes. Last but not least, refrain from lifting liquid substances by using ladder hoists. These types of tools are not designed for transferring liquid concrete or paints.