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Multifunction Ladders

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3WAY PRO Combination Ladder

3WAY LADDER An aluminum ladder for a wide variety of applications. It can be used as a leaning ladder, an extension ladder or a free-standing one. Designed with the needs of professionals in mind. The high-quality materials and the advanced...

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Multi purpose ladders meet their customer's expectations and become versatile tools, ready for use in all sorts of conditions. Drabest's production facility in the UK enables us to manufacture products fully compliant with EN131 regulations. Our products went through many stages of restrictive quality control, making them ready for most difficult challenges. Multi function ladders created by Drabest appear as a fast and cost-effective way to deal with numerous DIY projects. Due to their sturdiness and light weight, they can successfully serve professional purposes, thus becoming a great tool for construction and renovations entities. Multi purpose ladders come in many configurations, which make it easier to choose a product that best suits particular needs. Our assortment available in the UK has been divided into several categories of multi function ladders. We offer traditional step ladders, ideal for working at a lower height. Every multi purpose ladder has been equipped with a solid baseplate, supported by rubber anti-slip feet. Due to their small size, step ladders are easy to carry around and can be ready to work in no time. Despite their dimensions, they can support heavy weight up to 150 kg.

An extension ladder is yet another type of multi purpose ladders in our offer. These products help users reach a lot higher (up to 12 meters). The construction of expandable multi function ladders requires leaning them against a wall at a certain angle.

In the most difficult conditions, when space restrictions prevent workers from using standard solutions, stairway multi purpose ladders find their destination. You can easily place them on stairs or any other uneven surface, while maintaining the desired safety level.

Depending on the version of a product, multi function ladder might become an ideal travel companion for workers who move between locations on a daily basis. Our solutions help complete various tasks at ease, thus becoming a necessary tool in every household.

Multi function ladders from Drabest

We made sure that every part of our product serves its purpose and adds to the whole value. Drabest is famous for its attention to detail. We have addressed numerous inconveniences that have been considered typical for ladder users, such as excessive flex. We managed to eliminate this issue by engineering special high-diameter locking hinges. Every hinge is also equipped with locking lever to make locking and unlocking safe and effortless. Our multifunction ladders may be utilized in a total of 14 configurations, giving the worker a great deal of flexibility.

Drabest UK gives you cost-effective tools that meet all necessary requirements. We highly encourage you to keep in touch with our experts, who can support your decision-making process. There is also a comprehensive instruction booklet attached to each product, which will straighten the learning curve and get you covered on all sorts of topics.

The advantages of investment in quality multi purpose ladders

Drabest's offer on multi purpose ladders consists only of the products fully capable of meeting the professional criteria. Therefore, you don't need to worry about missing features that might make or break the whole user experience. Drabest provides clients with versatile tools, full of outstanding properties. Multi purpose ladders might be an overkill for domestic use. However, they are indispensable tools at a construction site, where the dynamic workflow requires from a ladder to quickly adapt to new scenarios. Multipurpose ladders allow for quick modifications of the shape and form. With a simple joint replacement, you can make it into a traditional step ladder, only to switch to a platform ladder a few moments later.

The pricing strategy at Drabest for our multi function ladders is a huge advantage in itself. Being a market leader among many ladder manufacturers, our success stems from offering the best value for the money. We offer cheap multi purpose ladders that bear no compromises on quality. Safety and functionality is guaranteed with us. We set standards for other production lines. All multi function ladders available at Drabest website underwent thorough quality control procedures and gained internationally acknowledged certificates.

Multi purpose ladders can serve as an all-in-one solution. Reducing the company expenditures is a huge factor for every business entity. Buying a fully functional multi purpose ladder becomes a one-time investment. These types of ladders available at Drabest gained attention from clients, who need one type of tool to deal with numerous challenges. Instead of purchasing an entire army of ladders in different configurations, sometimes all it takes is a single multi function ladder. Thus, you can greatly reduce the cost impacting your budget.

Multi function ladders - how to choose the best product?

The set of guidelines for buying multi function ladders is no different from any other type of equipment from Drabest. There are 3 main factors to consider: maximum reach, load capacity, and portability. It is hard to suggest any solution not knowing the prerequisites for construction work. Our vast array of different products definitely comes in handy. You can select multi function ladder fully compliant with your own needs. Aluminium multi purpose ladders offer a great deal of usability and are not vulnerable to weather conditions. Maneuverability becomes particularly important for businesses performing their services outside, in different locations.

There is no doubt how crucial role multi function ladders play in contemporary construction industry. Their versatile features have been noticed by many companies, drawn by the versatility and long-term life cycle. We are proud to announce a new line of multi purpose ladders listed on Drabest's website. Our team of experts will answer all clients' questions and give advice on choosing the best type of equipment.