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Fibreglass Ladders

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Fibreglass is a man-made material, known as a fiber-reinforced polymer, with various uses. Due to its low production cost, high flexibility, low weight and chemical resistance, fibreglass quickly gained recognition in the construction industry. Fibreglass ladders are one of many examples, how this material can be implemented into daily tasks. Drabest is a world-renowned leader in terms of providing technical solutions for construction workers and DIY hobbyists. We have developed a vast array of fibreglass ladders, which serve our clients throughout the UK and Europe. Technical examination has proved the superiority of fibreglass ladders when it comes to strength and long life cycle. Ladders made from fibreglass remain weather resistant, which is of paramount importance for any outdoor tasks. The construction site being exposed to rain quickly becomes a dangerous place, where a small misstep can result in a serious injury. Drabest's fibreglass ladders are completely free from absorbing moisture. Together with anti-slip rubber elements, they serve as a robust and safe tool for the whole industry.

Fibreglass ladders from Drabest

One of the most important reasons why entrepreneurs or individual clients willingly buy our fibreglass ladders lie in their no-conducive properties. Working at the vicinity of power lines never became so secure. Fibreglass ladders do not conduct electrical current and weigh less than any other alternative.

We highly encourage you to ask questions or send online inquiries about our products. Our team of experts at Drabest will come up with a good solution to the most complex problems, helping to navigate through our extensive assortment.

Fibreglass ladders

How fibreglass ladders protect workers from electrical hazards? As we mentioned earlier, non-conductive materials are destined to serve in places filled with electrical components, where any improper contact may result in electric shock. It is not uncommon for the workers in the construction industry to be faced with a net of cables hanging from every corner. The insulating properties of fibreglass ladders make them completely invulnerable to the passage of electricity. In simple words, current doesn't find its way through fibreglass ladders, keeping its user safe in case of an accident. Ladder available at Drabest have been tested in all sorts of applications. We have built an extensive offer consisting of high quality products, that vary in sizes, shapes and forms. Choosing fibreglass ladders is much easier with the support of our team of experts.

Who should consider purchasing fibreglass ladders?

Although the main purpose of fibreglass ladders are jobs involving electrical systems, their functionality extends to other scenarios. Fibreglass ladders are being praised due to their extraordinary durability and weather resistance. For customers buying fibreglass ladders, prolonged moisture bears no threat. Fibreglass ladders allow you to perform your ordinary tasks, while keeping another security wall in case of working with electrical systems. There are situations where the presence of electrical infrastructure might come as a surprise. According to the popular saying 'better safe than sorry', fibreglass ladders will get you covered should you come across some unpredictable problems.

All fibreglass ladders from Drabest comply with the latest EU standards. We made sure they are fully prepared to withstand high loads and difficult weather conditions. Any purchase made in Drabest store is a guarantee for success. We highly recommend fibreglass ladders as versatile tools, destined to deal with the most challenging situations at a construction site.