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Extension Ladders

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3WAY PRO Combination Ladder

3WAY LADDER An aluminum ladder for a wide variety of applications. It can be used as a leaning ladder, an extension ladder or a free-standing one. Designed with the needs of professionals in mind. The high-quality materials and the advanced...

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When it comes to portable and quick to set up ladders, adjustable products come in handy for various purposes. Our assortment at Drabest UK consists of premium, yet cheap extension ladders that are ready for private and professional use. An extension ladder is a mutifunctional tool, allowing its user to freely adjust all the sections of the ladder. As a result, it can be used by just one person, which makes every task a lot easier and quicker. Extension ladders consist of safe brackets that lock the entire mechanism in place and enable easy access to the adjustment facility. When choosing the right product, you need to take into account the location where the aluminium extension ladders are going to be used at. The most important parameter at this point lies in the maximum height of the supporting structure, which then determines the required dimensions of the ladder. Please bear in mind, that the ladder itself must not be leaned against any unstable surface. When necessary, You can tie extension ladders to the upper part of the support point, thus improving the overall safety and stability. Aluminium extension ladders are perceived as a versatile tool, ready to serve various purposes. Due to their light weight and quick release system, they are far from difficult to use, even for beginner DIY hobbyists. Cheap extension ladders offered at Drabest set up new standards in the market and become a reliable, sturdy piece of kit.

Extension ladders for sale

The scope of our offer reaches every possible application. Extension ladders for sale at Drabest come in various sizes, ready to deal with complex challenges. The maximum height of our products goes from 3 meters up to 12 meters. In the process of selecting the optimal height, please consider the desired specification and type of work. It is better to purchase an aluminium extension ladder that exceeds the necessary parameters, rather than going for the exact match that may appear insufficient in the nearest future. Extension ladders must not be placed on any unstable equipment or object. If You need to reach higher, the only solution is to obtain a different model of a ladder. What is also important for a safe use of extension ladder, remains intertwined with their overlapping sections. The user must allow at least 30 cm of overlap, thus keeping the product safe and rigid.

Our cheap extension ladders do not allow any compromises on safety. Drabest is a world-renowned manufacturer of professional equipment, gaining positive reviews for unprecedented approach to quality. Every stage of our quality control process remains filled with practical tests, when we subject our aluminium extension ladders to a great load and check their long-term durability. The final product reaches its customers fully ready to be put through its paces in the most difficult conditions. Extension ladders from Drabest serve various construction companies throughout UK, proving their value for professional tasks.

Aluminium extension ladders

The assortment in Drabest facilities in UK consists of cheap extension ladders designed to serve numerous applications. We always put safety first, therefore all our extension ladders for sale come with minor, yet crucial improvements. The materials used to manufacture Drabest's products has been selected in the process of testing and guarantee the ladder will withstand any challenge within the scope of its specification. Aluminium side rails are joined together by strong rungs in the process of welding. Anti-slip feet prevent the ladder from falling and enable its use on slippery surface, such as stairs or wet pavement. Cheap extension ladders from Drabest proved their usability in all sorts of conditions. Compact design makes our extension ladder for sale easy to transport and carry by one person. In the model DOM39D we included every bit of modern technology. Even the cheapest extension ladders come with a stabilizer bar that helps maintain an expected level of stability while performing tasks at heights.

Our three-way ladder is yet another great product, allowing to be used as an extension ladder or a freestanding tool. Drabest's engineering efforts always have the needs of professional businesses in mind. Our production line was optimized for high quality and long term life cycle. We offer extension ladders for sale that will match the expectations and support their user in various conditions.

Cheap extension ladders

If you need to access places that remain very difficult to reach, extension ladders may the only option to do it. Please bear in mind the safety concerns and make sure you fully understand the technical manual before setting up your new ladder. Our aluminium extension ladders come with comprehensive instructions on how to use them properly. The user manuals are not to be omitted by the buyer and need to be taken into consideration. We made sure to include every possible accessory to increase the functionality of our products. Anti-slip mats, safety brackets, durable corrugated rungs, or firm stand-offs- Drabest has it all. Please contact our team of experts who can help find the solution that responds to your personal needs.